Soft Pre-Production: Wok In Production

What am I currently working on? Well, along with my bread-and-butter projects, what I’ve devoted my life to these past four years is Wok In Progress, now known as Malaland. Has it already been four years?!

What I'm Currently Working On: Malaland, formerly known as Wok In Progress - A bilingual dramatic-comedy set in China

What started out as a sitcom project with a self-funded pilot, and a couple of episodes to be funded by our successful Kickstarter campaign, has become a dramatic-comedy feature film set in China. Wok In Progress Malaland is about three friends from America who thought running away from their problems to China was a good idea.

The project currently in soft pre-production while the screenplay is being revised by my partner, screenwriter and actor, Murray Walker. Our focus is on casting, location scouting and finding ways to augment the budget. I’m currently in talks with some pretty cool Chinese brands about working together. Check the official Malaland website for updates, and please contact me if you want to get involved.