Paris Attacks: Multi-site Exercise (Drill) Running on Nov 13, 2015

Dr. Patrick Pelloux, a “survivor” of the Charlie Hebdo shootings earlier this year, just happened to also be present during the attacks on Nov. 13, 2015 as a ‘first responder’.Dr. Patrick PellouxEven more interesting, Dr. Pelloux admitted on France Info radio that he was part of a “multi-site attack exercise” (i.e. a drill) during the attacks.

This same scenario of drills running at the same time as a terrorist attack is a recurring theme. There were multiple drills running on 9/11. There were drills running during the London 7/7 bombings which transpired on the same day and hit the exact same targets as those being ‘practiced’ in that government-sanctioned terrorism drill. There was a “practically identical scenario” running just 26-minutes before the bomb attributed to Breivik went off.

Madrid, Sandy Hook, Boston, LAX… One can no longer argue that these drills coinciding with terror attacks are purely coincidental.

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