Paris Female Suicide Bomber Was Blonde Partygirl… Blonde?

Now, we supposedly have Europe’s first female suicide bomber, Hasna Aitboulahcen; only we don’t really. Police now admit that Aitboulahcen died when someone next to her detonated a bomb. The person who detonated the bomb has not yet been named. Below is a video report stating that someone next to Aitboulahcen detonated a bomb.

It has also been reported that the female suicide bomber had blonde hair. Blonde hair?

Paris Female Suicide Bomber Was Blonde Partygirl

Does Hasna Aitboulahcen look like she has blonde hair?

Hasna Aitboulahcen taking a bath. She does not have blonde hair.

Before she was killed, Aitboulahcen yelled, “Help me!,” and “Let me get out of here please?” I’m still looking for the audio recordings of these statements that were last heard on Al Jazeera. There are audio recordings of the exchange between the police and Aitboulahcen where they ask her where her friend/boyfriend is. She replies, “He’s not my friend/boyfriend!,” with terror in her voice. It’s not the emotion one would expect from a terrorist hellbent on murdering innocent civilians, much less police officers. Here’s that audio, which has been edited for some reason other than brevity:

Along with the alleged suicide bomber, Ibrahim Abdeslam, Aitboulahcen was a horrible Muslim in the Muslim sense of the term. They both drank heavily. Abdeslam smoked pot and ran a bar that was shut down for drugs. He only observed Ramadan when forced to, according to his ex-wife.

Aitboulahcen was not also interested in Islam, enjoyed drinking alcohol so much her friends called her a party animal, and had numerous “boyfriends.” Apparently, she enjoyed sending nude selfies of herself taking baths, too. She doesn’t fit the description of a Muslim, extremist terrorist. Add this to the eyewitness descriptions of muscular, white gunmen, moving with military precision, wearing black military outfits and the “official” story of the Paris attacks on November 13, 2015 is not adding up.